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This year millions more people will watch videos online than ever before, and the rapid, world-wide trend doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon. Many online businesses harness the visual impact of video to help them find new customers, to sell more products to existing customers, and to provide after-sales support. If you want to grow your business, video is an effective tool that you can add to your small business marketing arsenal.

How Can Your Small Business Use Video?

Small businesses can harness video in a number of ways. It’s a very visual way to show your products in use or how you perform a service. For example, a plumber could make a short video showing how he or she performs a common plumbing service. It provides the opportunity to display professionalism and expertise and answer questions customers may have about the process or how long the repair will take.

Customer testimonials in a video format allow potential customers to see and hear from other people who bought the product and liked it. You can design customer testimonials to address issues that a prospective customer may have, such as shipping speed and product quality. The video serves two purposes: it delivers the message that your business is reliable and bona fide, and it also answers questions potential customers may have.

Below is a small sampling of the most recent videos that we have done. Feel free to check out our main Youtube Channel for a full picture of our products.

StoneFly Marketing – Youtube Small Business Marketing channel

Michiana Auto Pros video production
Amsoil Dealer youtube video
ClearH2OTackle 13 Ice Video
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design Video

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