Facebook Fanpage Goldmine – Part 2

Details, Details, Details – Don’t skip ’em!

This is part 2 of a 12 part series on Facebook Fan Pages, and what they can do for your business. Nick Castelucci is the owner of Stonefly Marketing, and is a “local online marketing” expert who focuses primarily on small to medium sized business. He can be contacted at: nick@stoneflymarketing.com

The first thing I do is add an image that represents my product.  Images capture attention, and help to demonstrate what your page is about.

Click “Upload Image” from your main Fan Page, choose an image from your computer and upload to your page.  If you don’t have an image that represents your product or website, you can use a reputable graphic design firm to create a Facebook cover for you.

After uploading your image, Facebook will suggest a series of steps including “Inviting Friends”, “Tell Your Fans”, and “Post Status Updates”.

Before you start advertising your Fan page however, you should complete the page “profile” which includes a brief description.

Click on “Edit Info” which appears directly underneath the title of your Fan Page as shown below:

You will see all sorts of form fields, including Address, About, Company Overview, Description, Mission Statement, and even an area for you to include a direct link to your website.

When creating my Fan Page, I pay close attention to:

Name – this is the title of your Fan Page and again, you want to incorporate keywords that are relevant to your page theme, and will help you attract targeted visitors directly from the search engines.

Address –If you are creating a Fan Page around a local business or service, you will want to add your company address and telephone number in the appropriate fields.

About:  Enter in a brief description about what your page is about (just 1 line here). Example:  Private Label Resources, or Dog Training Tips.

Depending on what your Fan Page is about, you might not need all of these profile fields, so just skip the ones that you don’t feel are necessary.  Make sure to include a direct URL in the “Website” field, and a 3-4 line description of what your product, service or website is about within the “Description” box.

Description:  This is where you can outline what your page, website or product is about.  In my example, I use this area to describe my private label membership site, including keywords that will help my Fan Page gain a higher ranking in the search engines for my targeted keywords.

Mission – While most people leave this blank, I take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate a strong message that really connects with my target audience.

In my example, my mission statement includes:  Our mission is to provide exceptional value to our members with our premium private label releases that help our customers build targeted email lists in a variety of profitable markets.

Awards – Leave blank if your website has not received awards.

:  Use this space to include product titles or services that you are offering.

Email – This email will be visible to all your fans, so make sure to include an email address that you don’t mind people using!

Phone – Providing a phone number will help to build trust within your market. If you are uncomfortable providing your home or office number, I recommend setting up a toll-free account number.
Website: Include your website URL here.

Remember to save your changes!

Note: You can return to this area at any time should you want to modify the details, or add more information about your Fan Page.  In addition, you can edit your category from this page, and will be given access to additional sub-categories that weren’t available when first creating your Fan Page.


At StoneFly Marketing, we believe that knowledge is power. To that end, we have decided to make this series, and more, available to our readers at no charge. If you can use anything here, feel free. To say it is purely an exercise in Philanthropy, however, wouldn’t be entirely true. I’m assuming that more than a few of you see the value in this – yet lack the time, knowledge, or desire to manage your local online marketing program.

I know some folks who can help with that…whistling emoticon

They can be reached by clicking on the “Contact” tab at the top of this page. Thanks!

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